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Graystone is committed to compliance with The Fair Housing Act and all federal, state and local laws related to fair housing. Graystone does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex , familial status or disability, or any other basis protected by applicable federal,state or local fair housing laws. To assist you with your decision on your new home, we are providing you this list of the requirements we use to qualify applicants for residency. Additional information or verification may be required. The criteria which may result in a denial(include but is not limited to): Zero income or income lower than the 2.5 times the rental rate, unsatisfactory credit or rental history findings, exceeding the maximum number of occupants per apartment, restricted pets, inability to meet conditional requirements of application results, unsatisfactory criminal background history, providing misleading or inaccurate information, and adverse, subpar, or unverified information.

Age- 18 0r over. All occupants over 18 must complete an application-even if living with a parent.

ID-Applicants must have a valid government issued photo ID. All applicants in the US on a visa must list the visa number and expiration date . Applicants without a SS number or ITIN number must provide a valid I-94, I-94W or I-20. Lease agreements will not be written past exiration date.       Occupancy- occupancy is governed by state, city and local ordinances. Occupancy is 2 persons per bedroom plus 1 minor.

Income requirement- The gross monthly income of all leaseholders will be considered jointly and should equal 2.5 times monthly rent.                             Credit requirements-Establishment of credit history, credit score and credit ratings will be run on each applicant and will be considered in the overall creditworthiness of the application. An applicant can be denied for unsatisfactory credit history, which may be the result of past or current bad debts, high debt to income ratio, high revolving credit balances, low credit scores, late payments, liens, judgements and bankruptcies.                                          Criminal History- a background check will be conducted on each applicant.

Animals. All animals are subject to Mangement approval.

Guarantor-   if you do not meet one of the criteria, you may be able to qualify for an apartment with a guarantor/co-signer. 

Students may qualify with student loan money. Please call for more details if a student with current student ID.

For a more detailed rental criteria list, please email and a copy can be sent to you.

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